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I am Reed Kailing, a rock-and-roll veteran with affiliations in many great groups of the rock era. I have been a member of the Grass Roots, Player, and Badfinger. My many credits also include the Broadway run of Beatlemania, in which I played the role of Paul McCartney to rave reviews.

My musical biography is steeped in rock-and-roll tradition. Back in the 1960s, I was the lead member of the Milwaukee and Chicago based group known as the Destinations. I appeared weekly on and co-hosted the famous WLS radio deejay Art Roberts' Swinging Majority TV show, a Chicago-based version of American Bandstand, which aired Saturday afternoons over WCIU-TV, Channel 26.

I went on to join the ABC-TV/Filmation production of the animated Hardy Boys series, in which I performed the role of Frank Hardy. 

Later, I proceeded to become a member of the Grass Roots, a group associated with such blockbuster hits as "Midnight Confession," "Temptation Eyes," "Where Were You When I Needed You," "Two Divided by Love," and "Glory Bound."

Afterwards, I was instrumental in the formation of the group that ultimately came to be known as Player, and which released the 1977 smash hit, "Baby Come Back."

Still later in 1977, I went off to New York to perform the role of Paul McCartney in the Broadway production of Beatlemania at the WinterGarden Theatre.

Later on, I toured with Badfinger.

Some other highlights of my career include co-writing songs with Don Johnson and working with music luminaries such as Kiki Dee, and with John Lennon on one album.

Right now, I am now focusing on my solo career. My new ventures entail my updated website,, and my recent CD entitled "Raw, Rare, Well-Done."