Reed Kailing ... Hello and Welcome to

Reed Kailing ... Hello and Welcome to reedkailing.comReed Kailing ... Hello and Welcome to



If I knew then what I know now, would I do it all over again? … Yes, … in a New York second. So strap yourself in. Get ready for a great ride!

Hi! Reed Kailing here. Welcome to the Official Reed Kailing Page! Join me on an exciting musical journey that spans many years in the history of some of the best rock and roll to be known. I’ve performed with the Grass Roots, ABC’s Hardy Boys, and Badfinger, as well as on Broadway’s record-breaking, box-office hit show, Beatlemania. I formed Milwaukee’s Destinations back in the 1960s and the group known as Player in the ‘70s. Welcome to my website. Allow me to tell you some true and entertaining stories about some of rock and roll’s greatest icons. You see, I’ve rocked around the block a few times during the age of rock and roll, and I’m still here to talk about it. I can recall every detail. Now I’m more passionate about music than ever! And I’m excited to have an opportunity to share my songs, stories, and photos with you. Come on, I invite you to explore my website. Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy!