Partial listing of albums, 45s, and commercials on which I performed:

Reed Kailing:

Raw, Rare, Well-Done (CD and music downloads)

Copyright 2009 by Reed Kailing

The Destinations:

Milwaukee Sentinel Young America Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs (1965)

Hello, Girl/With You (45) (Destination Records #638, 1967)

The Messengers:

Midnight Hour/Hard Hard Year (45) (USA Records, #9195-01, #866)

Michael and the Messengers:

Midnight Hour/Up Til News (45) (USA Records, #9195-01, #866)–yes, the duplication in numbers is correct!

The Hardy Boys:

Here Come the Hardy Boys (RCA Records, 1969)

Love and Let Love (45)

Wheels (RCA Records,1970)

The Grass Roots:

Move Along (ABC-Dunhill,1972)

A Lotta Mileage (ABC-Dunhill, 1973)

as well as various compilations, including:

The Grass Roots Anthology 1965-1975, (Rhino, 2001)

The Best of the Grass Roots, The Millennium Collection, 20th Century Masters (MCA, 1991)


Jukebox Saturday Night/Love Is Where You Find It (45) (Haven Records, #HS 807, 1976)


Player (RSO Records, 1977)


Beatlemania (Arista #8501, 1978)


Badfinger--Indiana-- DBA-BFR (recorded live 1982, CD release 2002 on Exile Music Label)

John Lennon:

“Rock and Roll” album (EMI)–Uncredited. I don’t know for certain if any of the specific tracks I played on are present on the actual album. Some of the other uncredited performers include Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Jack Ruth from Cream, Harry Nilsson, and Donnie Dacus of Chicago, just to name a few.


Northwest Orient Airlines

American Dairy Association (performed with Minnie Ripperton of the Rotary Connection)


AT&T (“Reach Out and Touch Someone”)

(Post) “Crispy Critters Good Time Band” performed to the tune of “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (We’re Crispy Critters Friendly Good Time Band …)